Book on Review: Finders, Keepers!



Author:  Sapan Saxenaimages

Genre: Fiction

Price: Rs. 348

Published By:  Leadstart Publishing

Reviewed By: Suraj Chand Rajwar, Team BRI.

Book Review India Verdict: ✪✪✪✰✰


A thick book full of mythological puzzles, Finders and Keepers dazzles you with mythological dose and at the edge thriller. Fantastic story line is weaved in simple elegant narration, which keeps you hooked wanting more. Characters build up with plotline and make themselves your own.
Story takes you to the unknown territory of shivaism and vaishnaism clashes and explores history and mythology very keenly.

“Mr Haldar, Have you ever encountered legends, myths or magic in any of your cases? I bet you haven’t. This is that case. You still think this is no different?” 
― Sapan Saxena

Book is more than commendable for the first time Author and it won’t come surprise if, Sapan Saxena, might soon be touted as the Dan Brown of east with his feisty narration.
A must read, even if you are remotely interested in mythology and thrillers.



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